FDIC OKs Delay of FAS 166, 167 Effect on Capital

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FDIC OKs Delay of FAS 166, 167 Effect on Capital Dou (2016) examines the effect of FAS 166/167 on banks’ small business lending. Because banks rarely securitize small business loans, FAS 166/167 only affects small business lending through the accounting for securitizations of other types of loans and thus on banks’ regulatory capital adequacy.

On December 16, the FDIC finalized the regulatory capital rule related to FAS 166 and 167 which provides for: (i) an optional delay and phase-in for up to one year of the effect on risk-based capital and the allowance for lease and loan losses related to the assets that must be consolidated as a result of the accounting change and (ii) an elimination of the risk-based capital exemption for.