Foreign investors carry unique risks

Foreign investing comes with some unique risks. None of the risks are deal killers, but they’re still important for you to be aware of, including the Tax risk: The taxation of foreign investments is a complicated area. First, most foreign countries tax corporate profits and dividends paid to investors.

That certainty could be comforting to foreign investors. "I think a lot of Chinese companies listed in New York trade at a discount whenever operated by Chinese companies directly owned by Chinese nationals, a structure that it said carried "unique risks" because of uncertainty over their legality.

 · As part of investment due diligence, risk management are always well considered before foreign investors decide to do business with Vietnam partners. In any parts of the world inluding Vietnam, risk is an inevitable factor in business operation activities; higher return is always accompanied by higher risks.

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Forex Hedging: How to Protect Yourself from Foreign-Currency Risks 04/01/2016 By sjjan When you do business with companies abroad and get paid in foreign currencies, you might wander if you can protect the business trade against a drop in exchange rate.

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CBR: Simple Friendship does not carry significant risks to financial stability 22.05.2019 MOSCOW (Reuters) – The CBR does not see significant risks to financial stability due to a reduction in Russia’s export earnings due to the idle time of the Druzhba pipeline blocked by polluted oil.

European investors use ETFs for strategic allocation – European investors said the majority of their exchange-traded investments are strategic, as opposed to tactical, in nature for the first time since consultancy Greenwich Associates began carrying out.

Investing in China can be a real trick as companies there carry various share classes that may or may not be accessible to the average investor outside China. For example, A shares are shares of a Chinese company that are only available to investors in mainland China.

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