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"Of course we’re coming back. The comeback downtown can spread up here," says Carlisle, who lives in northeast Detroit. Since August, Bridge Magazine has had numerous conversations with residents in four vastly different corners of Detroit: Osborn and Islandview on the east side, and Bagley and Warrendale on the west. Islandview is ascendant.

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 · Bedrock VP Dan Mullen talks Detroit, city’s comeback. Posted Mar 26, 2015.. I could see the tremendous growth.it was a natural fit for me.". I think that you’re going to see a huge.

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As the pinnacle topic of Detroit’s comeback continues, the words that surround Detroit are now a truer reflection of the city’s current state – among them: "undeniable energy," "growth," "transformation," and "opportunity." Over the past few years, people working and living in Detroit have witnessed the drastic changes in infrastructure surrounding them.

So many people go to Silicon Valley with their ideas, but there is a recognition now that they could slash a huge percent off their overhead costs by instead moving to areas like Youngstown or Detroit.

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Poverty is Detroit’s biggest problem. gentrification doesn’t come close. It has a poverty problem. That’s the message from Alan Mallach, an urban scholar and senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress in Washington, D.C. His new book, "The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America" explores the comeback of industrial cities like Cleveland and Detroit that he says few could have predicted.

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The cars — glitzy and sedate, grand and green — were back in the spotlight Monday as Detroit. that growth will be the premium segment, and we intend to take the lion’s share," Mercedes chief.

Tough, Cheap, and Real, Detroit Is Cool Again. Tough, real, and cheap, Detroit, with the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy behind it, is suddenly attractive to investors, innovators, and would-be fixers, especially young adventurers. Hatinger, who’s 25 and has a black mother and a white father, is a quiet part of that change.

Detroit Is Still Declining. As you can see, Detroit has been persistently negative. However, here we can see the first inklings of a Detroit comeback: from its worst population growth rates ever in 2008, to one of its better years in the whole postwar period in 2015, there’s been a sharp uptick in growth rates,