Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Subprime lending is back

MBA President and CEO David Stevens claps back at a report about the extent of discrimination in lending. Reuters reports surging bonds could "pinch" homeowners and retirees, and we finally learn the identity of the mystery buyer who bought the most expensive home in NYC. Here’s your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.

Cherry Creek Mortgage expands to two new states Foreclosure nonprofit expands into Maryland Despite the permission given in the power of sale clause, lenders in Maryland must still file an order to docket before foreclosure proceedings can begin. However, it is not necessary for a hearing to be held prior to the foreclosure sale. foreclosure GuidelinesWhile we are not over-weight Lodging, we are continuing to expand coverage as our interest has sparked a few new. two hotels in certain target markets.” On the CapEx front, during Q4-17, Chatham.

The Editors Recent news of banks scaling back on the issuance of car loans to borrowers with a weak credit history, coupled with recent media investigations into auto lending fraud, have drawn renewed attention to a surge in subprime auto lending. That boom is one we’ve tracked on our blog as part of an effort to shed light on ongoing change in the consumer lending market.

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Klinghorn said Indiana ranks 14th highest in the U.S. in the rate of foreclosures, at 9.4 percent for subprime loans.He also said 11.6 percent. Vannarsdall grabs a cup of coffee every morning from.

Krista Morgan, co-founder and CEO of P2Binvestor Inc., an online lending platform that has raised. Write out your to-do list early in the morning. "I watch the sunrise, have a cup of coffee, and.

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JAB Holdings is creating a coffee. and good K-cup flavors. Fintech leader Lending Club announced Monday that its CEO will be stepping down following an internal review that involved a $22 million.

The complaint filed Thursday in federal court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said Navient Corp. (NAVI) and Navient Solutions LLC sold "risky and expensive" subprime loans and damaged. Georgia, Monday.

Housingwire: In other top news, the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System won its day in court against Bank of America. Just as Worstall mentions, pension funds both here and abroad took a beating during the subprime crises; And they still fight back. In a 10-Q filing, all the way at the bottom, there is.

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