Mortgage interest deduction stays afloat with uncertain future

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The personal exemption returns. The AMT snaps back to hit millions more households. Current versions of the deductions for moving expenses, casualty losses and mortgage interest would return, almost as if nothing had ever changed. Many Republicans say a future Congress would lock the looming changes in place. But it might not happen.

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You will still be able to deduct mortgage interest. One big concern surrounding the tax bill was for homeowners and the deduction of mortgage interest payments. This will still be possible but there is a new cap in place, $750k. If you took out a mortgage before December 2017, it was capped at one million. Capital gains pretty much stays the same

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That done, her future will be secure. leaving her with disposable income of $3,500 a month. After elimination of mortgage interest she pays now and various professional and business costs related.

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A new proposal to revamp the mortgage interest deduction created more confusion for the mortgage industry this past week.Policymakers on both sides have been toying with.

 · The final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was released by congressional Republicans late last week, and is likely to be voted on soon by both chambers of Congress in the next few days. If it passes both the House of Representatives and the Senate, it would then go to President Trump’s desk to.

 · Morning Reads for Wednesday December 20, 2017.. school loan interest deductions? 1 year ago. The Eiger. What is there to speculate on? Read the bill or the Bloomberg article below and plug in your own numbers. Quit being so lazy.. Charitable deduction stay. mortgage deduction for mortgages under $750,000 stays. That’s down from a million.

5 big changes in the Senate tax bill (and what they mean. – The mortgage interest deduction stays. The current mortgage interest deduction rules remain intact in the senate plan: americans would still be able to deduct the interest they pay on the first $1.

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Mortgage interest deduction example . You have a choice to make at tax time: Take the standard deduction for your filing status or itemize. The smart move is to use whichever method cuts your tax.