Proposed bill would allow principal write-downs in bankruptcy courts

Under the House bill, the bankruptcy judge. such as the newly reduced principal on his home. Unsecured debts may be discharged. Potential pros and cons crl contends that being able to modify loans.

Giving bankruptcy judges such powers would "significantly reduce the number of foreclosures" and reduce the likelihood of a recession, Zandi said. Introduced Sept. 20 by rep. brad miller, D-N.C., HR 3609 would remove current prohibitions that prevent bankruptcy courts from modifying the terms of a loan on a troubled borrower’s principal residence.

But a couple of U.S. Congressmen have jointly proposed a bill that could change that. House Representatives Steve Cohen (TN) and Danny Davis (IL) are behind an effort to update the current Bankruptcy Code to allow for the discharge of student loans from private lenders.

Proposed legislation currently in the House and Senate would allow bankruptcy court judges to amend the loan terms of borrowers at risk of foreclosure. Congress is considering legislation that would allow bankruptcy court judges to rewrite loan terms for people at risk of losing their homes, a change that supporters say could save half a [.]

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Proposed bill would allow principal write-downs in bankruptcy courts. An Oregon congressman is backing a bill that, if passed, would allow bankruptcy judges to force principal modifications on.

Closing the gap between what the campaign proposed. use courts to force massive mortgage principal writedowns. The next step in the housing plan is responsible bankruptcy reform along the lines of.

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domicile, residence, principal place of business, or principal assets are located, or (ii) in any district court where an affiliate, general partner, or partnership of the debtor has a case pending. Under the current rule, many companies are eligible to, and do, file their bankruptcy cases in either the Southern District of New York

"Many men and women in the military are making extraordinary sacrifices," said sen. dick durbin, D-Ill., principal author of the proposed amendment to the bankruptcy overhaul legislation.

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Loss Mitigation and Mortgage Modification in Bankruptcy Courts What the cram-down legislation means to mortgage lenders. – What the cram-down legislation means to mortgage lenders, servicers and investors. IL)) would allow bankruptcy judges the same cram-down power for the first time to modify mortgages secured by.