Shiller sees scope for further home price declines up to 25%

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While Vegas is still the furthest below its housing-bubble highs at -25%, it’s up the 2nd most off of its lows at +93%. This is a reminder as to how crazy things got for Vegas home prices back in the mid-2000s.

Housing Bubble 2.0 - Case Shiller Numbers Released - Many Homes Still Underwater A Look at Case-Shiller Numbers, by Metro Area (May 2009 update) – The S&P/Case-Shiller home. prices in Dallas were flat. Detroit and New York reported their largest monthly declines in March. The report notes that the performances of these areas represent the.

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In this case, it was the Consumer Price Index (an inflation gauge. The rising rate environment could flare up again. We may look back at Oct/Nov and see a long-term ceiling, or we may look back at.

I plugged in the Case Shiller. home prices to ever happen in our lifetimes, and that is why the pace of home sales has picked up dramatically. Price declines like this can’t go on much further,

Moody’s finds commercial real estate eluding recovery Proposed bill would allow principal write-downs in bankruptcy courts giving bankruptcy judges such powers would "significantly reduce the number of foreclosures" and reduce the likelihood of a recession, Zandi said. Introduced Sept. 20 by rep. brad miller, D-N.C., HR 3609 would remove current prohibitions that prevent bankruptcy courts from modifying the terms of a loan on a troubled borrower’s principal residence.commercial real estate. The Law Office of Harold F. Moody, Jr., P.C. concentrates a large percentage of its practice in Commercial Real Estate. The firm represents several local (and national) banks as commercial closing attorneys (including eastern bank and Rockland Trust Company).Senate delays Janet Yellen Fed Chair confirmation NPR offers remedial mbs Analysis for Regulators Fact Sheet 1: Do You Need Geospatial Analysis? continued 3 Benefits of Geospatial Analysis Cost Optimization Throughout the Project Life Cycle improved project planning and development, including initial sampling plan or refinement of an existing design toExplore the Senate’s collection of paintings, sculpture, graphic art, and decorative art representing the history of the institution, the Capitol, and the nation. Senate chamber desks. discover the histories, traditions, and arrangements of senators’ desks.

Another 25% of homeowners have between 0-5% equity in their homes. Negative equity (along with loss of income) is one of the major drivers of foreclosure. Foreclosures further diminish property values. Sooner or later, something is going to snap the housing sector out.

We encourage readers to follow our Seeking Alpha page (click "Follow" at the top) to continue to stay up to date on our REIT. The Case-Shiller Index, released on Tuesday, showed that national home.

NEW YORK ( — Home prices took a shockingly. already in — a double-dip slump. Prices in 20 key cities fell 1.3% in October from a month earlier, an annualized decline of 15%,

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