Student debt: Housing’s biggest roadblock?

Student Loans Are Becoming a Drag on the US Economy | –  · Student loans now top $1 trillion, and 81% of the most burdened borrowers-those with more than $40,000 of student debt-have private loans.

 · A majority of them took out student loans, but 30% had some other form of debt, like credit card debt or a home equity line of credit, according to a Federal Reserve report based on a.

Still, while student debt may delay homeownership, it doesn’t eliminate the idea altogether, according to the analysis. The study shows renters ages 25 to 44 with student debt are 28 percent less likely to buy rather than rent their next home compared to those without student loans. That’s controlling for age, income, and marital status.

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By comparison, 21% of Gen Xers see credit scores as the biggest hurdle towards homeownership, and a third named rising home prices and the economy the #1 roadblock. Student debt is a deciding factor for only 7% of Gen X respondents. Gen Z to become serious housing market competition for Millennials

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Excessive levels of student debt repayments are not acting as a roadblock to housing for first-time homeowners, at least not yet. According to a new report on student debt and housing from Capital.

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Excessive levels of student debt repayments are not acting as a roadblock to housing for first-time homeowners, at least not yet. According to a new report on student debt and housing from Capital.

About $100 million per year arrives as tuition and fees financed by federal student loans. The full scope of the borrowing.

Could student loans trigger the next financial crash? When looking at the more than $1.4 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, some experts worry that it could be the next financial bubble.After all, subprime mortgage lending was at $1.3 trillion in 2007, just before the market crashed, according to a study published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Student loans have grown to become the largest source of consumer debt in the US besides mortgages. According to Goldman Sachs, the outstanding student loan balance has reached .3 trillion in.

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