Are landlords responsible for pot-growing renters?

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Landlords Should Advise All Tenants to Purchase Renters Insurance Many tenants do not know they are not covered under your insurance policy. You should advise all tenants to purchase renters insurance, so their possessions are protected in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster.

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Ms Atzori said when she was looking to take on a new client, she would interview them to make sure they understood the responsibilities of a landlord and warned they needed to have a contingency fund.

Landlord: The landlord should keep these systems in working order, and fixing any of these qualify as a owner responsibility. Tenant: Tenants are responsible for using these fixtures properly and for reporting any issues to prevent further damage. The residential lease agreement may also assign responsibility for keeping pipes clear and.

What is the landlord responsible for? In most states, the landlords are legally required to maintain and offer a pest-free property. The tenants are more likely to sign the lease renewal and the cost of searching new tenants is eliminated when the property is well-maintained.

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Marijuana and Rental Properties: What Landlords and Property Managers Should Know. The move to legalize marijuana is gaining ground across the country, with more and more states approving its use. Find out what this means to you as a property owner or landlord.

Although landlords are primarily responsible for ensuring the habitability of the rental unit, both landlords and tenants are responsible for certain repairs. For instance, the landlord must perform any maintenance work that is necessary for keeping the rental unit livable for the tenant.

KEYWORDS Landlord Marijuana Marijuana legalization medical marijuana nar national association of Realtors Real estate renters. While 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal pot use, along with four states legalizing recreational use, the federal government still says marijuana is illegal.

Does Your Tenant Smoke Pot? One renter in each property. When the renters don’t get along and one starts being annoying or abusive in one way or another, the tenants tend to start complaining to one or both landlords seeing if they can get any leverage, and sometimes implying that the landlord is responsible for the alleged actions of their tenant.