Bloomberg: Blackstone rental home bonds have highest LTV

American homes 4 rent, one of a new breed of Wall Street-backed landlord, won over investors with bonds that let it. While the firm still wouldn’t have given the notes the rankings offered by.

 · Blackstone Group is leading a deal to buy New York’s Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, a transaction that would put Manhattan’s largest apartment complex in.

 · Blackstone has an advantage over competitors in the housing rental market in terms of readily available capital. The firm is raising billion for what will be the largest-ever private equity.

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the Blackstone Group and Colony Capital have been behind the purchase of tens of thousands of single-family homes, which they have then turned into rental properties. Since 2013, many of these large Wall Street speculators have bundled their rentals together, securitized them, and created “single-family rental bonds.” The largest of

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Urban Institute: Mortgage denials for black borrowers worse than thought Paulson Bails Out the Bailout If at first it won’t succeed . . .. extraordinary market conditions that are-to use a phrase that’s now become an unintentionally humorous cliché-worse than. institutions that buy at such prices have a great incentive to work with mortgage borrowers and other investors in the same securities to slash.

Rates for mortgages, along with many other kinds of consumer and commercial loans, are linked to the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, whose yield crept up recently to 3.2%, its highest in seven years.

Blackstone Real Estate Strategy Bloomberg recently provided an excellent piece of visual data entitled Blackstone. rent. In addition, collateral homes can be sold to cover payments. The securitized amount is 75% of value (LTV).

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“Now it’s just free-market capitalism and big money is coming in because they have an advantage. Is that good? Well, it’s gone from being good to being disturbing.” The stakes are high.

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Blackstone has used the precipitous drop in single-family home prices to build a 40,000-home rental portfolio under the Invitation Homes banner. The company is also issuing bonds backed by rents.

A ratio higher than 80 percent can mean a higher interest rate or special requirements the borrower would have to agree to in exchange for the lender to take a higher risk. Of the three lending ratios, the LTV ratio carries the most weight with the underwriter when determining whether to grant the loan.